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Vemu Blood About Us

Dr. K.Chandrasekhar Naidu, Retired Professor – Andhra University.

About Us

The thought provoked and inception of VEMU BLOOD is to provide service by donating blood that leads to save lives. As the college setup is completely rural and very close to 'NH-140 (Chittor-Tirupati Highway)', accidents are very common and lot of people lost their lives. In most of the cases this happens due to lack of blood at the right time. So, we decided to do something to save lives as many as we can. With this basic thought we planned to start VEMU BLOOD and shared the same information with the stake holders of the institute. We received huge positive responses, appreciations and applause as inputs. With the help of students and faculty fraternity we initiated VEMU BLOOD. Blood donations have become a regular activity in the campus , Donating blood to REDCROSS SOCIETY. At present, we have more than 2000 donors within the campus. The donors are students , faculty and non-teaching staff, blood donation activities are happening only in the campus. Now we have launched VEMU BLOOD website where anybody can save a life by donating as well as requesting the blood through "".

Donors can give either whole blood or specific blood components only. Each donation can help save up to three lives.



The mission of VEMU BLOOD is to encourage maximum number of blood donors with the help of a simple registration process online within and outside of campus and to reach the needy as fast as we can.


No life should be lost due to scarcity of blood. Helping hand to the needy at causality hours